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Ecofert is a result product from a long history of work and analysis from Ecological Expert: D-r Vait Ajro. A lot of hard work building the great technology from minimal and everyday use elements, we have achieved the best result for Ecofert Organic Fertilizer in such a short time.Over the past year 2015, Ecofert began to make form and design. The technology part by part is now created and in function. We are proud to introduce this new product in market everywhere. Please message us if you have any interest or idea of collaborating.


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Developer, Exporter, Manufacturer, Webshop, Wholesaler

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Fertilizers: Agriculture Fertilizers, Animal & Plant Based Organic Fertilizers, Animal-Based Organic Fertilizers, Garden Compost, Garden Fertilizers, Horticulture Fertilizers, Humus Fertilizers, Mineral-Based Organic Fertilizers, Organic Fertilizers, Peat


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All certifications and laboratory results are included.

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< $ 1,000,000